How to create a new reusable block for air-blocks and importer script

Please note: This tutorial is about how to add block to the block import script and not how to create your own blocks! These steps are mostly for Dude staff only.

This tutorial will show you how to create a new block with:

  • PHP block template assets

  • SCSS assets

  • JS assets

  • SVG assets

  • Block importer script to be used with newblock

1. Create a block php file

First you'll have to create a new block template to template-parts/blocks/your-block.php:

 * The template for example
 * Description of your block.
 * @Author:		Roni Laukkarinen
 * @Date:   		2022-02-10 12:28:36
 * @Last Modified by:   Roni Laukkarinen
 * @Last Modified time: 2022-02-10 12:28:36
 * @package airblocks
 * @link

namespace Air_Light;

if ( empty( $title ) ) {
  maybe_show_error_block( 'A title is required' );

<section class="block block-example">
  <div class="container">
   <!-- Your content -->

2. Create styles for the block

Styles will be located under sass/gutenberg/blocks/:

.block-example {
  // Your block styles here

Then, import the block file to sass/gutenberg/_blocks.scss:

@import 'gutenberg/blocks/example';

Compile styles either while gulp is up and running or with a single command:

gulp devstyles && gulp prodstyles

3. Register the block in functions

Next you'll need to open functions.php and search:

'acf_blocks' => [

After this part, add:

  'name' => 'example',
  'title' => 'Example',

4. Create custom fields for the block

Go to wp-admin, Custom fields > Add New, add fields, select in Location part: Show this field group if Block is equal to Example. After this, you will be able to add the block in pages.

5. Create importer script for the block

Use the following template to add sh file under bin/blocks/. Remember to add New files/Dependencies as comments first to clarify things before additions.

Please look for tips in a similar block, because block importers vary a lot. For example carousel has more js additions as where title and content do not have JavaScript at all. Below here is just an example, not a complete one. It makes no sense to create a template about this because scripts vary so much per block.

# @Author: Roni Laukkarinen
# @Date:   2022-02-10 10:44:02
# @Last Modified by:   Roni Laukkarinen
# @Last Modified time: 2022-02-10 12:23:18

# // New files/Dependencies (this file will install them)::
# // β”œβ”€β”€ sass/gutenberg/blocks/_example.scss (automatic from
# // β”œβ”€β”€ node_modules/example (automatic from theme npm)
# // β”œβ”€β”€ sass/features/_slick.scss
# // └── svg/block-icons/example.svg (automatic from

# // Changes to files/folders:
# // β”œβ”€β”€ sass/gutenberg/_blocks.scss (automatic from
# // β”œβ”€β”€ js/src/front-end.js
# // β”œβ”€β”€ js/src/gutenberg-editor.js
# // β”œβ”€β”€ acf-json/
# // └── functions.php

# Block specific variables

# SCSS features
cp -nv ${AIRBLOCKS_THEME_PATH}/sass/features/XXXXXX.scss ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/sass/features/

# SCSS style component dependencies
cp -nv ${AIRBLOCKS_THEME_PATH}/sass/components/_XXXXXX.scss ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/sass/components/

# JavaScript dependencies
cp -nv ${AIRBLOCKS_THEME_PATH}/js/src/modules/XXXXXX.js ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/modules/

# JS direct replaces
LC_ALL=C sed -i '' -e "s;\/\/ import slick from \'slick-carousel\'\;;import slick from \'slick-carousel\'\;;" ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/front-end.js

# Import js modules right after the last default js module in the front-end.js file
sed -e "/\import \'what-input\'\;/a\\
import './modules/XXXXXX';" < ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/front-end.js > ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/front-end-with-changes.js
rm ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/front-end.js
mv ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/front-end-with-changes.js ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/front-end.js

# Import js modules right after the last default js module in the gutenberg-editor.js file
sed -e "/\import\/no-unresolved \*\//a\\
import slick from 'slick-carousel';" < ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/gutenberg-editor.js > ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/gutenberg-editor-with-changes.js
rm ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/gutenberg-editor.js
mv ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/gutenberg-editor-with-changes.js ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/js/src/gutenberg-editor.js

# Other SVG icons needed by this block

# Register ACF block in functions.php
# Please note: The title of the block will be translated in if en is selected
sed -e "/\'acf_blocks\' \=\> \[/a\\
       'name' => 'example',|\
       'title' => 'Example',|\
      ],\\" < ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/functions.php | tr '|' '\n' > ${PROJECT_THEME_PATH}/tmpfile

Add translations to if needed. Remember to escape the special characters.

Commit the changes. Add the changes to under [Unreleased]Β tag. Push the changes After this your block should be reusable when running the block importer script:


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