Install using macOS LEMP & dudestack

How to use Air-light in a native macOS LEMP environment with a modern WordPress development stack based on roots/bedrock.

Using Air-light with our WordPress stack and development environment

This is an option we at here Dude agency use.

Please note: This way requires many packages and is a bit of work to get up and running. We recommend you read all the documentation thoroughly. You can always use your own setup and try option 2.


  1. Set up macos-lemp-stack by following the instructions on GitHub.

  2. Ensure that http://localhost works and ~/Projects is linked to /var/www and both exist

  3. Install dudestack by following instructions provided in the repository

  4. Create a new project by using dudestack's createproject command (explained here)

  5. From Terminal go into bin folder: cd /path/to/where/you/cloned/air-light/bin and run sh This script takes care of the rest as it updates textdomain with your project name, checks updates for air and npm packages, runs npm install, fetches devpackages, sets up gulp, cleans up the leftover files and activates the theme via WP-CLI.

  6. Go back to project directory cd ~/Projects/yourproject, run gulp and start coding!

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