Air-light is a minimal, professional starter theme for WordPress.
Hello there! The documentation here at is still under construction. Please see Wiki in the meantime. Thank you for your patience!


Air-light (or simply Air) is designed to be a ultra minimal (< 20 kB) starting point. It is originally developed for a WordPress project by the dear developers at Digitoimisto Dude Oy, a Finnish boutique digital agency in the center of Jyväskylä. Theme is originally based on _s. Our goal is to have no excess code. We'll keep the theme always up to date in real time so it usually has daily updates.
We welcome all happy contributors with open arms! You can read more about Air in its original GitHub repository.

Mission & vision

Air-light is built to be very straightforward, backwards compatible, front-end developer friendly and modular by its structure. Following Underscores and WordPress Theme Coding Standards best practices and most of the changes in _s are implemented as soon as they are committed.
Our mission and goal is minimalism and simplicity. Our vision is to build a theme that will not implement its own wrappers or functions, will not use any templating languages that would take things further from traditional PHP or CSS, will contain nothing that people will not use or need. Air-light will be free of weird "app-like" folder structures or odd syntaxes that nobody else uses. We love WordPress as it was and as it is.
Air was renamed to air-light in version 3.7.8 (March 20th, 2018), because air was already taken in the official WordPress theme directory.

Please note before using

Air-light is not meant to be used as a Parent Theme! Just like its inspiration _s, Air-light is a theme meant for hacking, which means instead of creating a child theme for it try turning it into the next, most awesome, WordPress theme out there. That's what it's all about.
Air-light has a minimal CSS theme with all the basics covered. It's more than just a skeleton, it has all the needed opionated resets, typography sizing, spacings, form items like buttons, navigation patterns, simplicity kept in mind. You can continue from there in your own theme...
Air-light is not meant to be "a theme for everyone", which means it doesn't have all the parts that are generally included in "multi-purpose" themes for non-technical people (please see Disabled features).
If you want to use this theme as starter for your new theme, please note the theme won't necessarily be that much fun or won't look good by default and needs work from you. We recommend using something like Sage if you need something more extended.
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